Vijayawada police brainchild clicks

Locked House Monitoring system is a hit response.

VIJAYAWADA: With the help of Locked House Monitoring system app, the Vijayawada police department has been successful in creating awareness amongst the people with regard to precautions to be taken against house breakins in the city. After announcement of the safe and secure system on September 2, 2017, nearly 30,000 house owners have registered and utilised the system.

According to the department, 2,130 day and night house- break-in offences were registered between January 1 and December 31, 2017 in Vijayawada police commissionerate limits. But the police expect that with the new safety system in place, such offences will reduce considerably in the city in the next few years.

To avail the safety system, the house owners have to download the LHMS AP Police app from Google Playstore on their Android phones. Once they give their name and residential address, the house owner is given a unique ID indicating their successful registration. If any house owner goes out of the city, he has to place a request in the app and indicate the period of his or her absence.

After receiving a request from the house owners, the police will visit the house and install the Wi-Fi modem and other camera equipment. This unit is linked to the owner’s phone and also to the Police Control Room. If there is any movement in front of the house, the camera will record pictures and videos and send them to the control room and the owner’s phone.

As this is useful for the security of the locked houses, residents have registered their house addresses and also expressed their satisfaction. D. Anjaiah, a resident, said: “My uncle’s family utilised the facility when they went to a function. The house remained vacant for three days. It is a good step to safeguard households from theft.”

DCP, crime, B. Rajakumari, said, “15 cameras are being installed every day for the protection of the locked houses in the city commissionerate limits. The response from the public is also increasing every day. The registration had touched 30,000 house owners now.”
The DCP suggested that the people should put their cash and jewellery in bank lockers for safety and also asked house owners to set up a burglar alarm system at home.

Ms Rajakumari stated, “As part of the technology security, the police department is implementing the beat system in all areas in the city to prevent crime and robberies, Rakshak Vehicles are visiting all corners of the city, Night supervisory officers are conducting night vehicle checking and lodge checking to control untoward situations and maintaining a peaceful environment in the city.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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