Twitter shared 11 per cent of information India sought

The platform suspended a total of 4,87,363 accounts for violations related to child sexual exploitation.

Hyderabad: The Indian government has issued 355 requests to Twitter for user information which is 26 per cent higher than a year ago. The micro-blogging platform unveiled its transparency report from January to June 2018, on Wednesday, in which it noted that globally the requests from governments had increased by 10 per cent. But only 11 per cent of the Indian government’s requests during this period led to some information being produced by Twitter.

The platform suspended a total of 4,87,363 acco-unts for violations related to child sexual exploitation. About 97 per cent of those accounts were proa-ctively flagged by a combination of technology, including Photo DNA, and other purpose-built internal proprietary tools. The latest Twitter Transparency Report shows that Twitter recei-ved approximately 80 per cent more global legal demands, impacting more than twice as many accounts compared to the previous reporting period.

Roughly 87 per cent of the total global volume originated from only two countries: Russia and Turkey. From January to June 2018, approximately 75 per cent of the accounts challenged ultimately did not pass those challenges and were suspended.

The average number of reports received through Twitter’s reporting flow on platform manipulation continued to drop — from an average of 8,68,349 in January to 504,259 in June.

According to Twitter, “These report decreases indicate the effectiveness of our proprietary built technology in proactively identifying and challenging accounts at source and at scale. We have also built a new and refined reporting flow so account holders can give us more signals to augment our proactive enforcement strategies.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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