Police vigil at holy bath places in Kurnool: SP

Strategic Security Deployment: Authorities Bolster Safety Measures at Key Kurnool Sites for Devotees

Kurnool: District SP G. Krishnakanth said they are deploying police forces at various locations in the district especially where devotees participate in holy baths and lighting Karthika lamps.

He urged people to remain vigilant, especially when they visit Saivite temples, riverside areas, fast-flowing canals, and tanks for holy baths during the early hours. The SP advised people to take necessary precautions, especially when accompanied by children, elderly, and women.

In a statement on Tuesday, he said they are alerting local police stations for necessary measures. They have arranged special force at Vinayak Ghat in Kurnool, covered by Kurnool Three Town Police Station, Sri Kalvabugga Rameswara Shiva Temple in Orvakal, covered by Orvakal Police Station, Sri Brahmagundeswaram Shiva Temple in Veldurthi, covered by Veldurthi Police Station, and Gurujala Shiva Temple in Nandavaram, covered by Nandavaram Police Station for monitoring safety of the devotees.

He asked the devotees to take necessary precautions, especially near temples in Kurnool Town and other riverside areas.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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