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Mysuru’s Lansdowne building may just get that new lease of life

Published Nov 15, 2018, 2:57 am IST
Updated Nov 15, 2018, 2:57 am IST
The historic Lansdowne Building in Mysuru
 The historic Lansdowne Building in Mysuru

Mysuru: The historic Lansdowne building, which has been in a dilapidated condition since a portion of it collapsed over six years ago, could at last get a new lease of life and restored as well. 

Deputy Commissioner, Abhiram G Shankar, who visited the heritage building on Tuesday, told Deccan Chronicle he would hold a meeting of local elected representatives to discuss the future course of action on the  Lansdowne building. "If they feel it should be restored, I will check the legal provisions involved. There is even a report from a committee of heritage experts on conservation and restoration of Lansdowne building. If there is response in the meeting to conserve and restore Lansdowne building, we will check on legal provisions if the MCC council's resolution and MCC's recommendation to government to demolish and reconstruct can be re considered," he added.

With its Gothic architecture, Lansdowne was built during the reign of Mysore Maharaja, Chamaraja Wadiyar in 1892, in memory of the visit of British Viceroy, Lansdowne and his wife to Mysore. But  a portion of the over 125-

year- old building collapsed around six years ago and based on a report by a heritage experts committee it was decided to restore it. The state government set aside Rs 2.75 crore for the work and Rs 8.8 crore for restoration of the over 120- year- old Devraja market in the city. 

Following this, the Mysuru City Corporation did begin the restoration work on both buildings, but stopped mid-way. Later, based on a report by the experts committee of the state task force, it passed a resolution to demolish and reconstruct both the  Lansdowne building and Devraja market and sent its recommendation to the urban development department of the state government.

The historic building with its 350mm thick walls and Madras terrace has a ground floor and a first floor with 97 shops. 

Location: India, Karnataka, Mysore


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