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Bengaluru: Stench parks itself on Park road

Published Aug 15, 2016, 3:34 am IST
Updated Aug 15, 2016, 6:57 am IST
Surrounded by these structures lies a mountainous pile of garbage, with BBMP office right next to it.
Park Road at Shivajnagar on Bengaluru on Sunday (R. Samuel)
 Park Road at Shivajnagar on Bengaluru on Sunday (R. Samuel)

Bengaluru: For residents of Park road, near the bustling Queens Road, it has been a long drawn battle against mounds of garbage dumped illegally in their vicinity. Residents claim that despite numerous representations to civic officials, the area continues to reek of garbage. However, the local corporator claims that garbage is being cleared regularly and he has not received any complaint.

On Park road, near the bustling traffic of Queens Road, small houses, office spaces, a government school, a mosque and a temple jostle for space.


Surrounded by these structures lies a mountainous pile of garbage, with BBMP office right next to it. The residents claim that foul odour has been a permanent fixture of this area for nearly five years.

“Door-to-door collection of garbage does not happen any more. Naturally people find an alternative, by dumping garbage on the street, which is exposed to the sun. To make matters worse, at night, nearby hotels and big apartments are stealthily thrown off their garbage here,” said Sufiyan, a resident of the area.

Binu Thomas, another resident, claimed that when we protest against waste dumping, they burn garbage, comprising a lot of plastic, illegally at night, clouding the night sky with toxic fumes.


"This is a commercial and residential area. The collection van comes a little too early in the morning. After it leaves, offices are opened and cleaned by people, who dispose all their rubbish here. Also, the contractors have been not paid for months, which is why garbage clearance doesn't take place properly,” he said.

The residents claim that they have complained to various people: namely, their corporator, AEE, Joint Commissioner, garbage supervisor, who all assure they will look into the issue, but continue to ignore it.


“We last complained around 3 to 4 months ago. When we informed a BBMP official, he asked us to find an alternate spot to dump the garbage. We even offered to pay from our pockets and buy a garbage bin, so that it remains covered and does not attract mosquitoes. There have already been seven cases of dengue here,” Sufiyan added. Monsoon only add to the residents’ misery with waste flowing down the road.

The Active Residents’ Welfare Association said they station a team of four people, who in turn supervise and make sure garbage is not dumped by hotels or construction sites. However, the same willingness, initiative and a more permanent solution seems to be lacking on BBMP’s part, even though their office sits right next to the dump.


Garbage being cleared regularly: Corporator Vasanth Kumar

DC speaks to Corporator Vasanth Kumar. Excerpts.

Residents say garbage has been dumped here for the last 4-5 years. Why is it not being cleared?
How can there be garbage for so many years? In three days, the stench will be unbearable. How can anyone manage if it is not cleared regularly?

Residents say they have been complaining and as recently as four months ago. Why has nothing been done?
I haven't received any complaints. If they did bring it up four months ago, it would have been taken care of. At present, it is being cleared every single day. I do not know of any waste remains there.


Residents claim that garbage is being burnt illegally at night...
Is there any proof of this? Residents should take photos and send them to us. We will take action immediately if it is true.

What can be done about this now?
They should come down to the office and complain if they are facing a garbage problem. It will be cleared immediately.

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru