Rajahmundry: Notices to 8 units for air pollution

Firms make light of notice served by PCB.

Rajahmundry: Following a series of complaints from people about air pollution due to the presence of dust particles generated from stone crushing units, the state pollution control board have inspected eight units and found high levels of air pollution and imposed curbs on running them to prevent S. Pydipala villagers from falling sick.

As many as 60 stone crushing units exist at several parts in the district at present and out of them about 18 units are located in this village. As these units failed to comply with the norms and maintain ambient air quality, local villagers and few NGOs have started complaining to the state pollution control board claiming high levels of dust particles in the air near the stone crushing unit are causing hardships to the people commuting in the area. They have also expressed concern over transportation of stone chips in lorries through the villages causing air pollution with dust particles.

Accordingly, PCB authorities plunged into action and inspected eight units out of 18. They found high levels of air pollution due to the presence of concentrated dust particles in the air. They also found a series of violations in running stone crushing units. They include: no dust containment-cum suppression system for the equipment, no GI sheet cladding provided to primary and secondary crushers to arrest dust emission, no dust tank constructed for collection of dust and no wind breaking walls to prevent dust spreading to surrounding areas.

Moreover, authorities have found dust on the ground and also on trees around the units. Authorities served show cause notices on erring units immediately, for failing to comply with norms while operating stone crushing units to avoid air pollution.

With no change in the attitude of owners even after a few days, PCB authorities directed the owners to appear before the external advisory committee.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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