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Builder’s goons hold Bengaluru residents at gunpoint

Published Apr 15, 2016, 6:39 am IST
Updated Apr 15, 2016, 11:01 am IST
Police refuse to take action, harried flat owners take to social media.
l After the brush off from the police, the residents took to social media on Thursday. They recorded a video of the gun-toting rowdy and posted it on social media.
 l After the brush off from the police, the residents took to social media on Thursday. They recorded a video of the gun-toting rowdy and posted it on social media.

Bengaluru: In a shocking development that is now ‘trending’ in social media, 3-4 goons flashing pistols were seen occupying the residential welfare office of an upscale apartment complex in Electronic City.

The trouble started when residents of Ajmera Infinity, a gated community situated on Neeladri Road in Electronic City, opposed the builder's move to integrate the amenities of their apartment complex with his new projects that are coming up in the vicinity.


The residents have lodged a complaint with the jurisdictional police alleging harassment and threats. The situation turned for worse on Thursday when one of the residents recorded a video of the goon flashing a revolver and tagged it on social media.

What was even more shocking was when the harried residents approached the police to lodge a complaint against blatant hooliganism on Wednesday evening, the policemen allegedly told them to sort out the matter amicably between themselves and dissuaded them from filing a complaint. After they got no response from the police, despite repeated attempts, the residents took to social media on Thursday.


An Ajmera Infinity resident told Deccan Chronicle, “We have been having a harrowing time with the builder. When we spotted the armed men and asked them as to what they are doing here, the four men said that they belong to Ajmera security.

After one of the residents recorded the video of one of the goons brandishing gun on Tuesday night, we immediately approached the police on Wednesday and informed them about the same. But, to our disappointment, the cops refused to take the complaint.”

Over 3,000 plus residents of this complex are under ‘house-arrest’ and dread to come out of their homes. The residents alleged that the goons, who have been camping in the marketing office of the residential building, not only misbehave with residents and senior citizens, they were even seen clicking pictures of


Residents feel insecure
“It was very disturbing to see goons within our campus. Ajmera Infinity is our home where our family and children should be having the luxury of enjoying the facilities that we all have paid for.

Instead, we all have a major fear of goons and their terrorizing acts in our campus. These goons were sighted taking pictures of women and children in our campus and also found sitting in the previously designated marketing office of Ajmera Housing Corporation at night,” said Kinjal, a resident.

Another resident raised concern over the safety of his family. “This has now become a cause of concern for me and my family from safety standpoint. I came to know that these goons were settled in AHC marketing office and this says a lot about this illegal structure.


I hereby request association to evaluate need of this illegal structure called marketing office and plan to demolish or take any other action deemed fit from legal standpoint. Also entry to such rowdy element should be restricted to our campus for safe and secure environment,” the resident added.

“We the residents of Ajmera Infinity Apartment located at Niladri Road, Electronic City are being tormented by goons and rowdy elements at the behest of the builder. Local police station is not able to take action against these rowdy elements,” said another resident.


Bone of contention
The Ajmera Infinity was built with amenities such as club house, swimming pools and other facilities. The builder later acquired an adjacent piece of land and constructed villas, without these amenities.

He then demolished the boundary wall of Ajmera Infinity and tried to impose the rule that the villa residents too can use amenities provided at Ajmera Infinity. 

Residents of Ajmera Infinity tried to build the boundary wall, which was demolished twice by the builder with the help of goons and rowdy elements. However, the residents were persistent about trying building the boundary wall. The builder then responded by stationing the goons in his marketing office in the  premises.


Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru