Hyderabad: Suicides high among girls married young

Published Feb 15, 2018, 1:52 am IST
Updated Feb 15, 2018, 1:52 am IST
20-yr-olds pressured into marriage right after college.
Suicide among girls married in their early 20s peaked to alarming levels in Telangana this year.
 Suicide among girls married in their early 20s peaked to alarming levels in Telangana this year.

Hyderabad: Suicide among girls married in their early 20s peaked to alarming levels in Telangana this year.

Experts attributed this to families preferring to marry off their daughters in their early 20s, at times even against their wishes.


From the time, family members started looking for an alliance for their daughters till the time they got married, there would be a lot of psychological changes taking place in the girl child, said chief consultant psychiatrist Dr Naresh Vadlamani.

He said, “Nineteen to 20 years is the age when girls are immediately out of college. Whenever a match comes to them and they are rejected, it gives them the feeling that they have failed in their exam, till the time they get another match. In case the match is fixed, the stress keeps playing in their minds. Post marriage, these young girls are unable to cope with the expectations of their family members and then arises compatibility issues which can be sorted out once when the couples sits and talks things out.” Lack of communication between couple often force young girls to commit suicide, he added.

Neelam was found hanging 3 days after her wedding 
A 23-year-old T. Neelam Prasad of Chudi Bazar was found hanging at her residence three days after her marriage.

Shahniyatgunj police claimed that Neelam married her boyfriend on February 7, 2018, at Arya Samaj, after which they approached Kulsumpura police station seeking help to reconcile the issue between parents of the couple.

Neelam’s father emotionally blackmail her which resulted in her agreeing to go with her father. Three days later, she was found hanging in the bathroom of her residence. 

Police suspected that the family might have forced to end the retlationship which could have created a fear that she would not be able to see her husband again. 
This could have led her to take the extreme step.

Upset with marital life, 20-yr-old commits suicide
J. Krishnaveeni, 20, of Kumaram Bheem committed suicide by hanging herself at Government College of Physical Education at Domalguda. Chikadpally police claimed she was unhappy with her married life and they recovered notes and letters saying she was feeling lonely and was unhappy with her married life.

Ghousia Begum hanged herself over harassment by spouse
In the case of Ghousia Begum, 23, of Habeeb Nagar, the extreme step was taken in January over alleged harassment by her husband. Police reported that Ghousia’s husband was suspicious and had doubts about her character. This resulted in repeated quarrels which could have forced her to commit suicide by consuming poison.

Imran, the brother of Irfath Fatima, 19, who committed suicide at her in-law’s place in Jiyaguda, said, “In such cases we do not get much support from police.

Along with my family, I have a clear stand that my sister had not committed suicide she had been murdered. However, Kulsumpura police station booked a case harassment and were not properly investigating the matter.”

Kulsumpura Inspector Ram Mohan Rao said, “The allegations made by the family members of Irfath Fatima are baseless. The post mortem reports proved she had committed suicide by hanging herself. We have remanded six persons in this case and the investigation is on.”

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad