Telangana schools reopen after summer vacation, one in three students attends classes

Education minister visits Mahbubia Girls High School to welcome back students

Hyderabad: Less than 30 per cent of students on average turned up at government schools on reopening day on Monday, in keeping with the trend for the first fortnight, said an official from the education department. The reason was said to be students enjoying extra-long holidays.

While a few schools started off rightaway by conducting bridge course classes in some subjects, other schools held a welcome party for the students by conducting several programmes.

Education minister Sabitha Indra Reddy visited the Mahbubia Girls High School here and welcomed students by giving them chocolates. This school was revamped under the Mana Ooru Mana Badi Programme. A special meeting was held with the parents of the students as well.

The minister said the future generations would grow up healthy and get quality education with nutritious meals, she said. "It was the intention of Chief Minister K. Chandrashehar Rao to provide English medium and corporate level education to students in government schools. With the provision of infrastructure as well as introduction of English mediums, more students from private educational institutions are joining government schools," she said.

She said that more than 75,000 students were admitted in government schools. The minister added that in the next two years, all public schools will be provided with all the basic facilities in all respects and attending public schools is likely to be a great boon in the future.

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