Thiruvananthapuram: Music therapy for seniors at home

Social Justice dept invites expressions of interest from professionals.

Thiruvananthapuram: Offering cheer, comfort and healthy living to hundreds of elderly rehabilitated at old-age homes, the social justice department is planning for professional music therapy and yoga.

There are hundreds of senior citizens residing at 16 shelter homes under the social justice department across the state.

Director of social justice Jafar Malik said that the department had invited expression of interest from NGOs or professionals for conducting music therapy at shelter homes.

"Our aim is the wellbeing of the elderly. Most of them are abandoned by the family or their children. They get a lot of free time, and many of them are healthy but have depression. Engaging them with music therapy would help them. Last year we assigned a professional group for the programme, and the response was good. Hence we decided to continue the programme this year too," said Mr Malik. "The music therapy programme would be held once a month."

According to officials, music therapy has been proven to help seniors restore and maintain their health and help them recall memories and fight depression. Lency Saji of Secret of Music Charitable Trust, which did the music therapy programme at old-age home last year said that music therapy is scientifically proven. "We witnessed how it works magic on elderly people. Many of them are in pain and music therapy help eliminate the pain. The programme was a huge success, and the authorities saw the result. That is the reason why they decided to continue the programme," said Lency.

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