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Manager-level officials with knowledge of Cloud Technology don't have any threat of layoffs.

Hyderabad: As the layoff controversy heats up, experts from the IT sector believe that upgradation of skills, be it with Six-Sigma, PMP or ITIL, will help assist techies protecting themselves. Mr. Sundeep Kumar Makthala, founder president of Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA), said techies in development and maintenance wings must upgrade their skills.

“In maintenance, techies should be like jack of all trades. They must excel in server, hosting, database and cloud systems. In development category, they must obtain certificates based on levels. Most companies offer e-learning portals for their employees but majority of techies don’t even log in for virtual classes,” he said.

TITA has come up with suggestions to provide additional training in skill development to techies after an emergency meeting conducted by IT Minister K.T. Rama Rao. Here is what TITA is advising techies on upskilling:

At present there is a threat to techies from Manager Level to Level-6

Manager-level officials with knowledge of Cloud Technology don’t have any threat of layoffs. Apart from Cloud, they should upgrade their skills in Automation and Power Shell Scripting.

Assistant-director level officials should have at least one additional qualification in any sort of advanced technology like Big Data, mobile application development, Search Engine Optimisation (pure white hat) and cyber security.

Those promoted from manager level to assistant level should immediately concentrate on Six Sigma certificates like Yellow Belt and Green Belt apart from PMP certification and ITIL certification.

Those beyond director and above levels like vice president and president should have skills in management apart from technology and PMP certification. N-Level techies should also focus on HR courses.

Employees from entry level training to Level-2 should have multi-platform skills or should have good command in at least one cross-skill technology. Employees with BFS or SOX certificates will enjoy job security. Those with H-7 certification will have job security in horizontal to vertical sector. Those with only horizontal skills should concentrate on learning an additional programming language.

Employees from entry level training to Level-2 have scope for growth if they have command on any of the vertical sources such as health care, banking, Android/IOS development, cyber security or Big Data.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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