Power cuts rampant in Telangana as demand peaks in summer

Power consumption on Tuesday touched 12,842 MW, against 11,458 MW last year on the same day

HYDERABAD: Electricity officials have admitted they are cutting power unofficially in rural areas and towns in an effort to meet higher-than-expected demand this year. Power officials had expected a five-per cent hike in power consumption over last year. In reality, power demand has gone up by 15 per cent, an official said on Tuesday.
Power consumption on Tuesday touched 12,842 MW, against 11,458 MW last year on the same day.

Of this, the Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (SPDCL) supplied 8,219 MW (7,587 MW last year) and the Northern discom 4,429 MW (3,886 MW last year. The official said “unexpected and irrational use” of power in lift irrigation (LI) schemes was the major reason for higher consumption this year. A senior engineer from TSGenco told Deccan Chronicle that In Link-I, from Pranahitha to Yellampally, lift irrigation pumps had been working regularly, consuming more power than anticipated. If Link-II motors were switched on, power demand touch new records, he said.

“Due to LI schemes, we are clueless with regard to expected demand for power,” he said. Fluctuation in weather also had its impact on power consumption. Compared to March, which was very warm, the power demand decreased in April, he said. The demand from this front is expected to hit a high in May.

Replying to a question, he said that domestic, agriculture, and commercial power consumption could be anticipated, but usage of power in lift irrigation schemes is unexpected, he said.

To cater the power demand during peak hours, the officials imposed power cuts in towns and rural areas. There are no official power cuts either but field level problems forced the officials to impose power cuts. People are not facing any difficulty in using power as per their needs in rural and urban areas, the official said.

The official said that TSGenco was financial and technical burdens but was making arrangements to meet the heightened demand for power. TSGenco was consulting with the power companies to get electricity on an ‘as and when required’ basis.

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