Does IAF have capability to take on Pak, China; asks JD(U) MP

Tyagi said that despite the current requirement of about 65 planes, India had 33 only planes.

New Delhi: Janata Dal (United) member K C Tyagi on Monday asked the government in Rajya Sabha whether the Indian Air Force had enough capability to take on Pakistan and China.

Raising the issue during the Zero Hour, Tyagi said the air force does not have enough number of planes to take on Pakistan.

He claimed that while the current requirement was of about 65 planes, India had 33 only and said the IAF chief recently expressed concern that the country did not have sufficient planes to fight Pakistan and China.

Tyagi said a 3,300 km road was being build between Pakistan and China to "create trouble" in that region.

"I want to ask the Defence Minister whether you have enough Air Force capabilities to fight with Pakistan and China. If yes, please tell us," he said.

Renuka Chowdhury (Cong) raised the issue of "illegal mining" by a Dubai-based company at the Srikakulam beach, claiming that the company had come to India for export of thorium.

She said despite no clearance from the District Collector and environment department, the company continues to mine valuable minerals, which are national wealth.

"This company has transgressed all the environmental laws and regulations," Chowdhury said, adding it was also laying roads and highways over private property without any regard to the law and national security.

"It is imperative that the Union Government takes congnizance ... this company...should be punished," she said.

Chowdhury said the company should should be asked to compensate for the violations it has done. Demanding stringent punishment to the company, she said it is a "national security issue" because a foreign company, which has come to India, was violating the country's law.

Vivek Gupta (TMC) highlighted the problems faced by people in West Bengal due to stoppage of working of Farakka Dam for the last two days.

As a result, 2,100 MW of power produced at the dam is not available to West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar and drinking water supply has also been affected badly. He said millions of people were suffering due to the problem.

When inquiries were made, Gupta said they were told the problem was because "water is not available". He also said they were told water supply at the dam could not be restored till March 21.

Citing an earlier example where a sitting government lost elections due to power shortage, Gupta said "I am wondering if there was any connection between the timing of water not being available and the elections in West Bengal. I hope not".

He urged the government what steps it was contemplating to resolve the "emergency" situation which may become a national crisis.

( Source : PTI )
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