Achhe din for Kapra lake

Lake likely to be ready by summer end: Irrigation dept.

Hyderabad: The Kapra Lake, which was in doldrums until now, is poised for better times, say residents, jubilant at the latest developments. This comes after Irrigation department officials came armed with heavy machinery and a dozen workers to clean the lake bed. “The restoration work has been going on for a few days. As we see it, it is for its betterment and for the people living in the vicinity. Presently, they are cleaning up the lake and setting up lights around it,” said Jason Wilson, a resident of Sainikpuri.

According to officials of the Irrigation department, who earlier this month razed a temporary living structure to make way for a permanent one the lake is likely to be made ready for the public by the end of summer. They also clarified that the guard would stay in the structure.

“We have already begun cleaning the lake of the remaining hyacinth. Once that is done, we will clean the lake bed and open the inlet naalas, so that there is sufficient water inflow,” said an official of the department, requesting anonymity. “Once the lake is cleared of all hyacinth, there are chances that it will look like in the good old days,” said Wilson.

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