Badi Chowdi road widening for Hyderabad Metro Rail opposed

Only four of the 68 owners agreed to the 80-feet acquisition.

Hyderabad: Sixty-four property owners of Badi Chowdi came together to demand that the 65-feet road of Badi Chowdi was enough for the Hyderabad Metro Rail and other road traffic and that it need not be extended to further 80 feet. Traders and property owners petitioned the Collector again stating that after laying the pillars in the Badi Chowdi area there was enough space for the Metro Rail and road traffic, and the excess 15 feet area must not be taken by the government. Only four of the 68 owners agreed to the 80-feet acquisition.

Two years ago, Hyderabad Metro Rail and Sultan Bazaar Traders Association had agreed that 65 feet would be taken up in Sultan Bazaar and 80 feet in Badi Chowdi for the Metro Rail project.

An aggrieved property owner Suman Gupta said, “In this traders association, we are not a party. For the last two years, we have been continuously saying and also petitioning to the Collector that they must not take 80 feet in Badi Chowdi. We are only 64 owners who are aggrieved and are not willing to give up, as our small business establishments will be affected badly. The Metro pillars have already come up in Badi Chowdi and the viaduct has also been laid. There is regular traffic movement too. Why do they want the excess 15 feet?”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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