Alappuzha: Rooftop inmates to get homes

Relief for four SC families hit by floods at Pandanad.

ALAPPUZHA: Four Scheduled Caste families who took refuge on the rooftop of Government Homeo Clinic in Pandanad panchayat after their houses washed away in floods in August, finally have a ray of hope.

The district administration and local legislator took initial steps to make homes for them under CaRe, a housing project of the cooperative department after a wait for four long months.

The Deccan Chronicle had in September reported about their plight of these isolated families living on the rooftop for the last four months with no proper houses to live in, and no relief materials coming their way.

The families from a remote settlement, Othante Kunnel, were living on the banks of Achankovil and Pampa rivers before the floods as joint families in houses set in one or two cents of land.

Manju, an inmate, said that legislator Saji Cheriyan visited them the other day and offered help.
"We have been asked to submit all documents to his office. The district collector also contacted us and ensured support to clear hurdles. We are hopeful that we will get houses soon," she said thanking Deccan Chronicle.

She had a single room as a house for the four-member family including two sons. The flood changed their destiny leaving them homeless.

"My house cracked up and got a tilt due to the strong flow of floodwater. We are scared to live in the house. So we are forced to continue to live on the rooftop," she said.

Meanwhile, Mr Cheriyan said the officials would carry out a spot visit to prepare estimate soon. ‘

"The officials will examine whether the land they have is viable to build houses," he said.

The inmates said that they need to spend heavily to level the land for building houses.

"We have no money. The government has to come up with a plan," she said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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