Sadhikara Mitras to help state beneficiaries soon

It is a social capital of 5,00,000 army of trained people, the CM is keen to execute the concept.

VIJAYAWADA: The state government announces a great scheme, the Chief Minister even talks about it in a tele conference with his ministers or the media, but unfortunately, the beneficiaries for whom the scheme or policy has been made, have little clue about it all. As such, often middlemen clean sweep the benefits meant for somebody else through some nefarious way or the other. For instance the government may announce a subsidy for farmers or offer free learning of a technology for the cultivation of a particular crop but very often it has been found that the farmers have no idea whatsoever about the facilities being offered. Or when the government says with pride that uninterrupted power is being supplied to a particular village, an actual visit to the village may see the power being utilised by some local goon for his personal project while the village is still reeling under power cuts.

In an effort to plug all these loopholes the state government has decided to implement Sadhikara Mitra, a unique concept of using Self Help Group leaders that will bind the benefactor and beneficiary in a single loop. These Sadhikara Mitras will convey the government schemes and policies to the public. For every 35 families, one Sadhikara Mitra will be appointed. They will communicate to the group under them, the latest government policies that would be of use to them. The Sadhikara Mitra will explain the schemes in detail and will also follow up with the government to ensure that the benefits reach the rightful stakeholders. More than 5 lakhs Sadhikara Mitras are being appointed.

Currently too, there are Self Help Group leaders who are acting as Slum Level Federation leaders and Town Level Federation leaders. The various government departments will identify the active group leaders amongst them and endorse them the responsibility of being a Sadhikara Mitra. The Sadhikara Mitras will get an authorisation from the government of Andhra Pradesh along with an Identity Card. They will have the authority to call 1100 on behalf of any beneficiary or victim and register a complaint. They will also have the authority to consult with officials regarding the benefits of a particular scheme for a particular family. Technically, also, they will keep the families updated with the apps being released by the government and the benefits in them for the public. The Sadhikara Mitras will be trained and also updated periodically so that they can explain to the public and answer all their queries.

In the urban areas, the Sadhikara Mitras will be organised and monitored by the MEPMA (Mission for Elimination of Poverty in the Municipal Areas). The rural areas will be monitored by SERP (Society for Elimination of the Rural Poverty). Almost 1,50,000 members will be appointed as Sadhikara Mitras in urban areas and 3,50,000 members will be appointed in rural areas.

The MEPMA director Mr Chinna Tataiah has said, “The guidelines will be framed within a week. We will arrange training for the selected Sadhikara Mitras. It is a social capital of 5,00,000 army of trained people. Public will know about every scheme or every benefit from these Sadhikara Mitras.” Within two weeks, this new system of Sadhikara Mitra will come into existence. In the background of the upcoming elections, the Chief Minister Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu is keen to execute this concept.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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