DC exclusive: Babu squeals, who's the mystery mantri?

ED, CBI closing in on high profile suspects.

Bengaluru: The money laundering case involving two senior officials of the PWD department, Chikkarayappa and S.C. Jayachandra (in right pic) took a turn with ED reportedly issuing a notice to a senior minister in Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's cabinet after Mr Jayachandra named names during the interrogation.

While the notice was not made available to the media, sources close to the investigation said that the PWD official had used code words Boss 1, Boss 2, Boss 3 and Boss 4 to describe the four top men, including two ministers and their kin, who are in government yet continue to play a role.

Sources said that in order to make a watertight case against the top Karnataka politicians from the Congress party, the ED and CBI reportedly proceeded with the case with caution, investigating the two senior PWD officials and
detaining several bank clerks and interrogated them in connection with the money-laundering case.

The clerks of a nationalised bank where this money-laundering operation was conducted were detained and during the investigation, the clerks explained in detail how they worked in collusion with the two officials, in diverting several crores.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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