Hyderabad: Loco pilot critical, many still in hospital

The doctors at Care Hospital, Nampally, said he was under observation.

Hyderabad: Loco pilot B. Chandra Shekar’s condition is acutely critical. He was injured in Monday’s train collision at Kacheguda railway station. The doctors at Care Hospital, Nampally, said he was under observation.

Dr Sushma Rani, hospital medical superintendent, Mr Shekar, 35, came with crush injuries and polytrauma. He received fractures in the ribs with haemorrhagic shock and acute tubular necrosis. He suffered with ischaemia in both the lower limbs due to sudden lack of blood flow. He also sustained neuro-vascular bundle injury.

Dr Rani said that, on arrival, Mr Shekar’s condition was critical with one episode of cardiac arrest in the ambulance, but he revived with CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). He was intubated on arrival and admitted in the critical care department. Now he is on ventilator support with continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) and a vascular surgeon was involved in healing his lower limb neuro-vascular injury and will plan a surgical based on the progress of the ischaemia. His condition remains critical.

Dr Rani clarified Mr Shekar’s kidneys were not functioning due to internal bleeding and his blood pressure was very low. In such cases, instead of opting for dialysis, doctors prefer CRRT. A team of experienced doctors is monitoring his condition. Dr Rani said Mr Shekar is recognising faces and responding. Blood circulation in both his legs is very low due to multiple injuries.

His paternal uncle, Abraham Lincoln, said Mr Shekar is the only son of his parents. He has two sons, the younger of whom is two months old. His father, Mr Joseph, is a retired station master.

The condition of other patients is stable. Mr Satyam Dheeraj, hospital chief operating officer, said, “We have received a total of seven patients, of which six have been admitted. Baby Sushmita, a five-year-old girl child, came with soft tissue injuries and was discharged after treatment in OPD.”

He said Mr Saajid Abdur Rasheed Shaik, 45, brought in with pan-facial fractures and mid-face edema, is undergoing treatment with the maxilo-facial surgery department. Mr. P. Shekar, 36, came with a fractured right thigh bone, shattered knee cap and shin bone) and underwent surgery by a team of orthopaedic surgeons. He is recovering in the post-operative unit.

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