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In Bengaluru, a Bermuda Triangle for lonely women!

Published Aug 13, 2019, 5:58 am IST
Updated Aug 13, 2019, 5:58 am IST
At City Ring Road men wait to place ‘bets’, challenge one another on molesting women.
A stretch of the Ring Road between Bhadrappa Layout and Nagashettyhalli
 A stretch of the Ring Road between Bhadrappa Layout and Nagashettyhalli

BENGALURU: Have you heard about betting done for molestation! What could be a bigger shame for the Silicon city as miscreants are taking all the freedom to molest lonely women. You bet! Miscreants are betting before actually molesting women.        

The Ring Road stretch between Bhadrappa Layout and Nagashettyhalli is witnessing this disturbing development. The stretch has become notorious for commuters especially lonely woman. There are no street lights and there is a huge pile up of garbage. Amid the stinking smell emanating from these dumps, miscreants who descend from nowhere take the liberty to chide and misbehave with women.


Advocate K N Jagadeesh Kumar, who has taken up cudgels to solve the issue explains that miscreants have gone to the extent of betting before they molest women.

“The horrifying fact came to light, when I personally went to the area and spoke to the local boys. One who molests women in dark are paid betting money goes the rumour. They explained that, even the betting is done on how long they could molest and escape. This is an insult to all of us,” Jagadeesh says.

So far, the victims of molestation have not lodged any complaints with the police out of fear and social stigma. However, if this goes unchecked much more serious crime can take place, he fears. “Sunday, there was a serious case of molestation. The woman was shattered. The incidents are happening every day,” he added.

Jagadeesh has brought this to the notice of the former minister Krishna Bhyregowda and local corporator Anand, DCP North, BDA and Hebbal Traffic police for them to take action against this. However, no help has been forthcoming.  
Hundreds of trucks belonging to private owners as well as government departments park along the outer ring road stretch. There is a railway lane close to the ring road with bushes around. Garbage is thrown here at will. All this plus darkness makes the stretch even more dangerous for women.

Women who have to take this stretch are exposed as the road is not crowded. The miscreants can’t be caught as they disappear in the darkness after the act of molestation.  

The jurisdictional Kodigehalli police are telling the locals that since there are no street lights, it is difficult to catch the culprits. They escape as hundreds of vehicles are parked and there is a railway lane. Civic authorities are still undecided on installation of street lights.

Meanwhile, women are compelled to go through horrifying experience of sexual harassment.    

Hebbal traffic police have failed to take action against illegal parking of hundreds of vehicles. No Parking signboards do not exist and above all, the street is poorly lit.

The Kodigehalli police doesn’t patrol the area. They contend that the area shares its jurisdiction with Sanjayanagara police limits. BDA is not glowing for last 3 months. “I have complained to BDA and also to MLA Krishna Byregowda but to no avail,” Jagadeesh says.   

Jagadeesh Kumar also says that coordinating with multiple departments is becoming too strenuous. When contacted, Anand, former deputy mayor BBMP,  and presently representing the Radhakrishna Ward said, since white topping is work is being carried out the vehicles are parked.

“I will speak to the police authorities and speak about the issue of women safety. I will ensure that police take action in this regard,” Anand explained. “The particular stretch comes under ward no 8. I will do what is required,” he said.    

When contacted Renuka S Sukumar, DCP Traffic North, said vehicles are parked may be because of the white topping work.

When she was told about the harassment to women, she said so far she didn’t have any information in this regard. “I will do whatever I can,” she responded. She said the complainants could get in touch with her.

However, when Jagadeesh contacted DCP Renuka Sukumar, he was told that the Hebbal inspector will get in touch with him and he was asked to escort the inspector to the spot.

It is to be seen whether women who use this stretch of road would get a respite or continue to face official apathy.

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru