Rumours worrying senior citizens about getting vaccinated

Senior citizens, who developed fever, became stressed and rushed to their doctors

HYDERABAD: The first dose of Covid-19 vaccine given to senior citizens is causing mild side-effects of fever, rashes and muscle pain, which has become a matter of worry for most of them. With 1,52,035 senior citizens vaccinated in the state, majority of them in the city, they are reaching out to each other for help and information.

Vimal Reddy, a 70-year-old, said, "I had fever for 24 hours after vaccination. I rested at home and did not carry out any normal chores. The fever subsided on its own."

Some senior citizens, who developed fever, became stressed and rushed to their doctors. Others got so frightened with the side-effects that they told their friends to wait before taking the shot.

A feverish 60-year-old wrote to her friends on social media that she got very ill after the vaccine. This got a group of about 50 senior citizens frenzied. They called their doctors for urgent medical check-up. However, after two days, the senior citizen completely recovered. But some in the group skipped their chance of vaccine due to fear. There are others who are complaining of pain at the injection site, muscle aches, headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

Dr. Prabhukumar C., senior general physician, says, "There are mild side-effects. It is important that those who have taken the vaccine do not panic. It is better to have a good meal and remain properly hydrated before taking the shot. This will make safer patients with hypertension, diabetes and heart disease, apart from those on dialysis."

While doctors are assuring those who come for check-up before taking the vaccine that it is safe, many people are choosing to get vaccinated only after seeing their friends in good condition post vaccination.

However, rumours are continuing about side-effects of the vaccine, which is creating confusion among people. P David, a senior citizen, said, "We do not know whom and what to believe. Uncertainty and misinformation is getting us worried whether or not we must opt for the vaccine."

A total of 6,06,944 people in the state have got their first dose of vaccine. 1,19,836 of them have received their second dose too. Total 1,54,010 frontline workers and 3,75,122 healthcare workers too have got vaccinated.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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