850 more medical seats for Telangana

Telangana now has 3,800 MBBS seats, but demand growing.

Hyderabad: There will be a steep increase in the number of MBBS seats in Telangana this year. Approvals have been granted to two medical colleges in the government sector and six in the private sector.

With this, an additional 250 MBBS seats in the government sector and 600 seats in the private sector will be on offer.

While all the seats in government colleges will be offered under merit quota, in the private colleges, 50 per cent seats will be available under merit quota, 35 per cent under management quota and 15 under NRI quota.

In the government sector, two medical colleges – ESI Medical College, Err-agadda, Hyderabad (100 seats) and Government Medical College, Mahbub-nagar (150) seats – have been approved.

In the private sector, six medical colleges – Ayaan Institute of Medical Scie-nces, Moinabad (150 sea-ts), Mahavir Institute of Medical Science, Vikara-bad (150, TRR Institute of Medical Sciences, Patan-cheru (150), Maheshwara Medical College, Patan-cheru (150, RVM Institute of Medical Sciences, Mulugu, Medak (150 seats) and Surabhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Siddi-pet, Medak (150) – have been given approval. All these colleges are located around Hyderabad.

At present Telangana has five government medical colleges, which offer 850 MBBS seats, and 15 private medical colleges with 2,100 seats. With the fresh approvals, the total MBBS seats in the state will increase to 3,800.

About 1 lakh applicants are expected for the Eamcet medical exam and the extra 850 seats will reduce mitigate the demand some extent.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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