Ooty: Sloth bear menace irks locals in Kotagiri suburbs

On Sunday night, a bear entered the residential premises of a person in the Kannerimukku road.

Ooty: The movement of a sloth bear that strayed into the suburban limits of Kotagiri town area near here has turned out to be a nightmare for residents. Residents in Kotagiri suburbs complained that there has been a surge in the movement of wild bears in their areas and in recent days bears were spotted in Kalavai, Vindikappu, Kotatti and Kannerimukku road areas.

On Sunday night, a bear entered the residential premises of Haridass in the Kannerimukku road area in Kotagiri and began to damage the door of the house. Panicked by this, Haridass alerted his neighbours over phone and neighbours gathered in good numbers to chase away the bear.

Residents also complained that the movement of sloth bears in the Kotagiri suburban areas is posing a danger to school-going children and elderly people who stroll along the road there.

Recalling an incident of March 2015 in the Kotagiri suburbs where a stray bear killed a couple, residents have reiterated their demand that foresters evolve plans to manage the man-bear conflict which is usually on the higher side in the post-winter months.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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