Bengaluru traffic cops mark 41 black spots in city

After more detailed observation, traffic cops plan to prepare a report on ways to curb accidents and fatalities.

Bengaluru: The City traffic police have identified 41 black spots which are prone to accidents. After more detailed observation, they plan to prepare a report on ways to curb accidents and fatalities. The report will be submitted to the BBMP, BDA and Highway authorities and will include ways to curb accidents as well as innovative methods to be implemented to maintain road safety.

A senior police officer in the traffic department said, “We have made note of the black spots where frequent accidents, both fatal and non-fatal, occur,” he explained. “We have also asked the jurisdictional traffic police to keep watch and make note of the causes of the accidents. Once, the report is finalised by the top officers, we will conduct a meeting with the BBMP, BDA and Highway authorities and discuss about these black spots and draw suitable methods to avoid incidents.”

“We will also share the report with civic agencies, who can also carry out their own studies and come up the necessary plans. For example, recently, we found that KR Puram (Old Madras Road) near ITI gate has recorded the highest number of deaths caused by traffic-related accidents. We examined the cause and found that the pedestrians were at risk while crossing the roads and now along with BBMP, a skywalk is being constructed. Similarly, we will look into all the 41 black spots and implement suitable solutions,” he added.

Another officer mentioned that they are also planning to take feedback and suggestions from the public, including motorists who traverse through these black spots everyday. “People who use these stretches will give us firsthand information and will have a better idea of the causes of accidents. They will also be able to give us suggestions for possible solutions, which can be examined and implemented,” he added.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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