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CRDA advertisement on Smart Township puts government in a fix

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Published on: January 13, 2022 | Updated on: January 13, 2022

Many are surprised as to why APCRDA is adopting the tactics of private realtors



VIJAYAWADA: An advertisement on the APCRDA website about Smart Township has put the government in a tight spot due to the over-enthusiasm of some officials.

APCRDA, in a bid to make a quick buck, announced the MIG Jagananna Smart Township project for Mangalagiri and highlighted its proximity to the AP Secretariat. This will not be so anyway if Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s plan of Three Capitals is implemented.

Many are surprised as to why APCRDA is adopting the tactics of private realtors. Also, this is contradictory to the government’s decision of diversified capitals.

The advertisement displayed with the CM’s photo highlights the layout features and the advantages.

The advertisement highlighted the offering of MIG plots in the Jagananna Smart Township located near Mangalagiri for Rs.17,499 per Sq-yd. It highlights locational advantages, stating that the AP Secretariat is located 10km away, AP High Court 15km away, the APIIC headquarters 4km away, SRM University 7km away, Amrita University 3km away, AIIMS 5km away, NRI Hospital 4km away, Mangalagiri government hospital 3km away, RTC bus station and railway hospital of Mangalagiri 3km away and Amaravathi international cricket stadium 500 metres away from the Jagananna Smart Township.

Several realtors said using the AP Secretariat and other institutions that are proposed to be shifted under the distributed Capital plan for Jagananna Smart Township is objectionable and this would amount to cheating the public. If any realtor indulges in such tactics, it would be labeled as cheating and they are liable to face action. 

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