Service voters in Telangana: Rural areas outnumber urban constituencies

Out of the 3.17 crore registered electors, 15,338 fall under this category, which comprises individuals posted outside the state

HYDERABAD: The upcoming Assembly elections, scheduled for November 30, will see a noteworthy demographic of voters known as 'service voters'. Out of the 3.17 crore registered electors, 15,338 fall under this category, which comprises individuals posted outside the state. Ironically, while urban constituencies have less than 10 service voters, the interiors boast of hundreds of such committed voters.

The top five constituencies with the highest number of registered service voters are from the rural areas, highlighting the active participation of rural communities in the electoral process.

Boath leads the list with 546 service voters, followed closely by Khanapur at 416, Narsampet 336, Mancherial 333 and Mahabubnagar registering 322 service voters.

On the other side of the spectrum, urban constituencies of Bahadurpura, Charminar and Malakpet reported the lowest numbers with each having a meagre nine service voters, while Sanathnagar and Goshamahal slightly edge up with 10. This disparity shows the distinct electoral dynamics between rural and urban areas, shaping the political landscape of Telangana.

According to the Election Commission of India (ECI), service voters are individuals with a service qualification, including members of the armed forces, armed police force of a state or central government employees. They can cast their votes either through a postal ballot or by way of a proxy voter, also known as ‘classified service voter’.

Service voters can enroll in their native constituency, even if they are currently residing elsewhere due to service obligations. They also have the option to enroll as general electors at their place of posting if residing there with family.

One interesting facet is the eligibility criteria of family members to be enrolled as service voters. Spouses ordinarily residing with the service voter can be registered as a service voter in the respective constituency. However, under the existing laws, this provision does not extend to husbands of female service voters.

Eligible service personnel can apply for registration up to 10 days before the last date of filing of nominations through

The returning officer has to send a postal ballot paper to the service voter through the record office (or through the ministry of external affairs in case the service voter is posted abroad).

Top five

Boath - 546

Khanapur - 416

Narsampet - 336

Mancherial - 333

Mahabubnagar - 322


Bahadurpura, Charminar and Malakpet with nine

Sanathnagar and Goshamahal - 10

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