4,000 deviations in HMDA’s new layout

Published Jul 12, 2018, 12:45 am IST
Updated Jul 12, 2018, 12:45 am IST
300 water bodies missing, over 1K land use issues found.
 HMDA constituted 25 teams to work on the ground and rectify errors.
  HMDA constituted 25 teams to work on the ground and rectify errors.

Hyderabad: The integrated master plan prepared by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority has as many as 4,000 errors. The Authority  had integrated five master plans including old MCH area and Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (Hada) , Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (Huda), Cyberabad Development Authority (CDA) and Metropolitan Development Plan (MDP) 2031, has found out that more than 1,000 land use issues and roads have been running over 900 HMDA approved layouts. Some 300 water bodies are missing from the plan and full tank levels of several water bodies have shrunk.

Highly-placed sources in the HMDA said that even though the preparation of the master plan began four years ago, due to apathy of officials it has been delayed. After preparing the draft proposal of five master plans and integrated them, it was found that the land use has been changed since the master plans have been integrated in different formats. 


For example, the HMDA has prepared the master plan of old MCH area and Hada in AutoCAD, Huda and CDA in hard copy and MDP-2031 in geographic information system (GIS). The integrated master plan was intended to bring uniformity in land use patterns and zoning regulations apart from incorporating various projects, which would have been useful for the next 25 years.

Due to lack of co-ordination between the town planning officials, the integrated master plan has brought more confusion than clarity. Adding to the woes, certain anomalies were found in Ibrahimpatnam and Manchal mandals. HMDA submitted the same to the state government and wants the government to correct the Metropolitan Development Plan (MDP) 2031. Earlier, Ibrahimpatnam and Manchal mandals fell within MDP-2031 for Hyderabad Metropolitan Region (HMR) approved by the state government by GO No.33 in January 2013. 

According to the earlier GO which was issued in August 2008, Ibrahimpatnam mandal covers 28 villages and Manchal mandal, 13 villages but as per MDP-2031, 23 villages come under Ibrahimpatnam mandal and 13 villages under Manchal mandal.

A senior HMDA official admitting mistakes in the integrated master plan said that when five master plans were integrated several gaps were found which has resulted in change of land use. 

He said that different master plans have different zonal regulations and when integrated the land use was different even though both chunks of land were close to each other. 

“More than 1,000 errors regarding zonal regulations and roads have been found during the integration of the master plan. Roads have been running in the middle on HMDA approved layouts, FTL levels of several lakes have been reduced and about 300 water bodies are completely missing,” he said.

The HMDA official said that a detailed review would be done to find out anomalies between the plan proposals and their geographical locations on the ground and a detailed project report will then be submitted. 

“In addition to removing the anomalies, geo-referencing of the plans will be taken up and rectified accordingly,” he added.


Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad