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Battered road from Charminar to Yakutpura endangers drivers

Deccan Chronicle.| Md Nizamuddin

Published on: June 12, 2022 | Updated on: June 12, 2022

Thousands of motorists struggle to travel on the road every day

File photo of Charminar (Image: DC)

File photo of Charminar (Image: DC)

Hyderabad: Just about a furlong away from Charminar and Bhagyalakshmi temple, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to visit in July, the main thoroughfare and a bypass on the eastern side of the iconic monument remain battered for over a year, despite regular re-carpeting by authorities.

Thousands of motorists struggle to travel on the road every day even as a hospital, educational institutions, mosques and business establishments silently endure on either side.

Locals blame the authorities for not coming up with a permanent solution and say if the situation persists, the sewerage mechanism that has been existing for over three decades will not survive in the existing conditions.

Interestingly, works on multi-storey buildings go on at brisk pace in this lane, while the sewerage barely supports more load. "This is an MLA’s building and another MLAs is constructing a structure close to the spot," pointed out a local businessman, requesting not to be named.

Md Musa Qasim, who heads the committees of two nearby mosques, explained the reason behind the failure of authorities in upgrading the sewerage lines even though load increased manifold.

"Beneath the ground, there still remain eight-inch (diameter) pipes which will not survive all the construction activities and vehicular movement. We have been demanding for over a year that the authorities find a permanent solution, but it is left after being re-carpeted each time when some VIP visits or for smooth conduct of festivities including Muharram, Bonalu and Ganesha processions, as this is the only route," said Qasim.

While questioning why this issue was not being resolved as part of Pattana Pragathi, a Telugu Desam (TD) leader, Md Ahmed, Tweeted, tagging MA&-UD minister K. T. Rama Rao, Hyderabad Mayor and GHMC officials: "#Charminar road, near Rajasthan hospital remains in a damaged condition. Please take necessary action. It’s creating problems for many to reach the main road. #PattanaPragati (sic)."

Some expressed concern over the number of accidents which are taking place at the spot. "There are many accidents owing to this. Nothing has been done to resolve matter for over a year," said Ajay Kumar of Rajasthan Hospital. When contacted, GHMC’s Charminar circle’s deputy commissioner, S.N. Surya Kumar failed to respond.

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