No chargesheet yet in death at PBEL city

4 months ago, Monish, 6, electrocuted playing in park.

Hyderabad: June 11 makes it exactly four months since six-year-old Monish was electrocuted at PBEL city, Madhapur.

No chargesheet has been filed so far against the management of Golden Star and the developers for criminal negligence. The Narsingi police said they are waiting for the autopsy report from Tamil Nadu as the post-mortem examination was done there.

This newspaper has, however, accessed a copy of the post-mortem report which states that the death was caused by cardiovascular arrest due to electrocution. This key finding substantiates the case for criminal negligence to be booked against the management of Golden Star and the developers.

The body examination done during the post-mortem found a red-brown coloured wound on the left forearm of Monish. The report says the wound is probably due to electrical entry. Besides this, Monish’s body had no wound or fracture. The heart contained clotted blood. The report concluded by saying, ‘Death probably due to cardio-respiratory arrest due to electrocution.’

Monish’s father K Divakar told DC, “Monish died on February 11, at 6.30 pm. Four months have passed, but no chargesheet has been filed due to the lengthy process involved. So far six people, including the MD of Golden Star Private Limited (the maintenance company of PBEL city) have been arrested for criminal negligence by Narsingi police. I met the Commissioner, Cyberabad, on April 25, and he assured me the case would be speeded up.”

The current status of the case is that the post-mortem report is stuck at the TN director general’s office. The Telangana police some time back visited the local police station in Tamil Nadu where the post-mortem was done. The police officials refused to give the original copy as it involves a specific procedure — it has to be posted from the DGP’s office. But they did share a copy of the report.

Narsingi police inspector G.V. Ramana who confirmed that their investigating officer had been sent to TN to get the report, said, “We are continuing to pursue the TN officials to speed up the process as filing of the chargesheet is delayed.”

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