Politics over Jangaon

Area is subjected to injustice before and after Telangana formation'.

JANGAON (WARANGAL): As the state government gets busy carving out new districts in the state, the demand for Jangaon as a new district refuses to seize. Agitations are taking place in one form or the other every day. Even though there were indications that Jangaon would be one of the new districts in the beginning, it proved to be a water bubble for the people of Jangaon. As the news of Jangaon not being formed as district spread, the people erupted in unison to fight for their demand. Jangaon has been on a boil since the past few days.

People of various sections of the society came together under the name Jangaon zilla sadhana committee and formed a JAC. They lament that Jangaon is subjected to injustice before and after Telangana state is formed. The JAC leaders allege that political lobbying is the reason for the people to be disappointed today. They pointed out that while the state government has declared that they would create districts with a radius of 60-70km between two, it is not being followed in the case of Sircilla, Shamshabad, Yadadri or Jagtial.

“The distance betw-een proposed Sircilla and Siddipet districts is 38km, Sircilla and Karimnagar is 41km, Shamshabad and Hyderabad is 24km, Bhongir (Yadadhri) and Hyderabad is 48km, Jagtial - Karimnagar is 49km. If Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is serious about creating small districts for ease of governance, Jangaon would have found place among the new districts. But he is more bothered about his own family. His son gets Sircilla, his son-in-law has Siddipet, his daughter has Nizam-abad and he wants to keep Yadadri for himself he has thousands of acres of land there,” alleged JAC member M. Raju. Jangaon is also the second biggest municipality in the district. A historian, Reddy Ratnakar Reddy said Jangaon being placed at a higher sea level is less prone to natural disasters. “With good highway connectivity apart from the railways laid during the British rule it connects five states. There is 175 acres of government land available along the highway for government offices. All types of educational institutions are available. The Christian missionaries started schools here as early as 1907,” he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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