Cyclone Asani affects crops in 30,000 hectares in Andhra Pradesh

The total area of crops that got affected due to the storm was 16,997 hectares so far in the state

Vijayawada: Rainfall under the influence of cyclonic storm Asani affected both agriculture and horticulture crops on about 30,000 hectares in Andhra Pradesh.

Based on a preliminary assessment, paddy suffered the worst in 30,225 hectares followed by maize in 6,095 hectares, black gram in 3,882 hectares, groundnut in 875 hectares, sesamum in 589 hectares, sunflower in 200 hectares, bengal gram in 150 hectares while blackgram, bajra, cotton, sugarcane, ragi etc suffered the impact of rain.

Several varieties of crops were sown during rabi season on 8,22,994 hectares in the state. The crops were harvested from 6,27,712 hectares while some crops are yet to be harvested from about 1,95,282 hectares. The total area of crops that got affected due to the storm was 16,997 hectares so far in the state.

Agriculture officers are taking up enumeration of affected crops in detail through field visits in the affected areas.

An official said, “We are having only a preliminary assessment on the crops getting affected due to Asani. If the rainfall stops and water recedes from the fields, the affected crops may survive with no damage or loss.”

With regard to horticulture, based on preliminary assessment, crops spread over 13,720 hectares have suffered damage to the extent of more than 33 per cent, affecting 21,044 farmers. The authorities estimate the input subsidy to be given to the affected farmers at Rs 2,889 lakh.

Horticulture crops like banana, papaya, chilli, mango, tomato, drumstick, guava, pomegranate, acid lime, oil palm, coconut, betel vine and vegetables suffered damage in 178 mandals across a majority of districts in the state.

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