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Bajrang Dal asks pub owners not to plan special programmes on Valentine’s Day

Published Feb 12, 2018, 12:31 am IST
Updated Feb 12, 2018, 1:20 am IST
Members of the public resent the bullying tactics of the organisation.
Bajrang dal briefing pubs in city.
 Bajrang dal briefing pubs in city.

Hyderabad: The Bajrang Dal is at it again. The self-proclaimed guardians of Indian ‘culture’ marched into some pubs and clubs in Banjara and Jubilee Hills and told the owners that they must not conduct any special programmes on Valentine’s Day because that would mean celebrating a ‘foreign culture’.

“We are also approaching shops and outlets selling gifts related to the ‘Lover’s Day’ in the city,” said the city Bajrang Dal in-charge, Vishal Prasad. 


“It is not in Indian culture to celebrate such events and we should not let the foreign culture in. We have been telling people about how the youths are getting influenced and ruining their career and creating public nuisance also,” he said.

Since the Bajranj Dal has the reputation of backing up its militant words with militant deeds, the police is maintaining a tight vigil at several public places and main thoroughfares in case of any trouble.

“We will be following the same protocol as last year. By default, we have 23 teams deputed in the Jubilee Hills area, where the concerned official will make sure that pubs close by midnight,” said Police Inspector P. Chandra Shekar of the Jubilee Hills police.


Mr Prasad said, “We have also met with police officials to help us reach out to the public with our plea by keeping the concerns of youth in regards to recent drug issues in the city apart from Valentine’s Day. We were asked not to marry couples off, and to proceed without causing any trouble to the public.”

He added that the Bajrang Dal has been “visiting” places in the city since Thursday. The owner of one of the well-known clubs in the city threatened by the Bajran Dal confirmed that the outfit had told them not to hold any special event on February 14.


Bajrang Dal to keep tab on pubs on Valentine’s Day
The manager of a well-known pup  said, “We were not intending to have anything special anyway for Valentine’s.” Members of the public resent the bullying tactics of the organisation. “They do not have any right to come and tell us what to do and what not to do. We will celebrate it if we feel like it as there is no law specifically asking us not to,” says Sonia Bisht, a working professional.

She calls the diktats by all manner of right wing outfits ‘outrageous’ and ‘intolerable’. “Events are constantly being held encouraging progress and growth of the upcoming generation, then why stop us from going out and partying,” she queries. This cuts no ice Bajrang Dal in-charge Vishal Prasad, who has made his intention of disrupting any celebrations very clear. 


“Three teams will be sent all over the city to keep an eye on the clubs and pubs in the city and action will taken if they witness any party or event being conducted despite warning,” he declared. A strong police presence would deter the Bajrang Dal’s adventurism, and the city police has warned that if there is a disturbance of the peace or any nuisance, they will take charge and book the offenders under relevant sections.

Location: India, Telangana