As rumours swell, Sengottaiyan denies he is CM candidate

He quickly got himself before the TV cameras early evening to stoutly deny that he was in the reckoning.

Chennai: Amidst all the high-voltage AIADMK developments on Saturday, an interesting speculation erupted in the political circles here that the Sasikala camp could well manage the Raj Bhavan wall by propping up another CM candidate to overcome Governor Vidyasagar Rao’s reservations relating to her Supreme Court verdict.

With the debate gathering strength on the social media and elsewhere, the name of former minister K. A. Sengottaiyan figured prominently as the possible alternative prepared by Sasikala. He quickly got himself before the TV cameras early evening to stoutly deny that he was in the reckoning.

“I am certainly not a CM candidate. There is absolutely no question of anyone other than Chinnamma becoming the CM. That’s unthinkable.”, declared Sengottaiyan, looking pretty emotional.

Some Sasikala supporters have been active on social media recommending that her group should quickly elect another leader of the legislature party before any further erosion happens. Governor Rao would have no option but to swear in this alternative candidate as he/she would have no disqualifying criminal cases.
Sasikala could still control the government through her nominee in the CM seat and if the SC acquits her in the DA case, she would even be able to get the puppet make way for her, the Sasi supporters say. If Sasikala does not agree to this, that might lead to the AIADK splitting and the DMK forming the govt albeit a minority one.

“Natarajan is pretty active now as the master strategist planning all the moves and countermoves on behalf of his wife Sasikala just as he had done during the post-MGR days and got Jayalalithaa into power.

“Speed is great important for both sides now. For OPS too, it is important how fast he gets the MLAs and MPs over to his side before the Natarajans come up with some master stroke such as proposing an alternative CM candidate”, he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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