Kerala: MLA to act' against sodomy

Muhsin, Pattambi, is youngest MLA in state.

MALAPPURAM: The District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) has roped in Muhammed Muhsin MLA of Pattambi, the youngest legislator in the state, to take a lead role in an upcoming short film which is being produced by DCPU for a state wide anti-sodomy campaign after the well appreciated release of anti-child marriage short film ‘18’ last month. The new venture named ‘sparsham’ is meant for an awareness campaign to tame the rampant sexual abuses on children, especially boys. The 10 minute-long film is in the post-production stage now and will be released later this month.

“The unpleasant experiences of boys who are being sexually abused by their own relatives and family members are the focal point of the film. Through this we are trying to impart a message to the public that such atrocities against children have been identified as aggravated offences according to new laws unlike earlier laws. Muhsin has been casted as a counsellor in the film,” said Fasal Pullatt, a social worker at the CPU who coordinates the film project.

The film will be screened throughout Panchayath Block and Municipal level Child Protection Units in the district and later across the state. The DCPU also plans to take the film to all the schools including lower primary in the district as part of the awareness campaign. “The fact is that boys are also equally vulnerable to abuses like sodomy and in most of such cases they are being victimised by their own relatives. This film highlights that point.

“When such offences have been meted out by the relative of the victim this would amount to aggravated offence as per the Protection of Children from Sexual Abuses Act,” said Sameer Machingal, the district child protection officer. The story and script of the short film is written by Dr. Sheron K.P.R and directed by R. Premkumar.

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