Koramangala: Roads dug up, repair in limbo

The area is frequently caught up in traffic jams as there is hardly any place left for the vehicles to pass due to the debris.

The entire stretch of street and the footpath near Koramangala Club at 6th Block has been dug up by BWSSB to lay pipes and manholes. The work has been going on for the past two months, causing misery to motorists and pedestrians alike. The nearby residents and patrons of restaurants in the area have to deal with thick plume of dust on a daily basis, taking a heavy toll on their health

The entire stretch of street near Koramangala Club at 6th Block and the adjoining footpath have been dug up for the past few months, causing hardships to motorists and pedestrians.

While speaking with a few pedestrians, the general complaint was that the area is frequently caught up in traffic jams as there is hardly any place left for the vehicles to pass due to the debris.

In order to construct manholes, the BWSSB has dug up the entire stretch of the road. It is also a busy commercial area with lots of eateries and shops.

Sadiq, a daily commuter, was angry at the civic agencies for prolonging the work, which was causing havoc to motorists taking the route.

He said, "I frequently take this route to go to Wilson Garden but for the past few months it has become a nightmare. Forget the terrible condition of the road; a car can get stuck due to debris on either side of the road."

"The dust that emanates from the debris makes it impossible for me to sit at the restaurants. How can one breathe? The corporator, it seems to be in slumber. They are seen only during elections," said Saurav Ranjan, a nearby resident.

One of the long-standing complaints against the BBMP is that whenever the roads are dug up the debris is never cleared and it puts the onus on BWSSB. Amid this bureaucratic buck passing the nearby residents and motorist pay a heavy price. Ramamurthy, a senior citizen, who has been residing in the area for more than 13 years, said this lack of coordination and between the agencies has been a bane for the residents. "There has to be some accountability among the civic agencies," he added.

Road will be restored after BWSSB finishes work, says corporator M Chandrappa

The street near Koramangala Club has been dug up for the past two months?
BWSSB has dug the area to lay the pipes and they will take another week to complete the work for manholes, after which it will be handed over to the BBMP. It will take more than a month to restore the area.

Every ward has been allocated Rs 10 lakh to install cameras. When can we see this done?
The grant is not enough. Cameras will be installed though. We will soon call for the tenders. We assure that there would be zero garbage in the locality.

Is there any shortage of funds for repair works?
No, there is no shortage. We are working in tandem with the BBMP. It is the BWSSB that has caused the delay. As I said earlier the road will be restored soon.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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