Firecracker prices go up abnormally in Kakinada

KAKINADA: Prices of fire crackers have increased abnormally in Kakinada, raising doubts of syndicates being formed. There is a vast difference in prices from area to area, though the crackers belong to the same company.

For example, in Rajanagaram area, one variety of cracker costs ₹1,000. The same cracker of the same company is being sold in Rajamahendravaram for ₹2,000.

Traders say every year, there is a hike in prices of crackers ranging 10 per cent to 15 per cent over the previous year. Some varieties of crackers become more expensive by 20 per cent.

This year, however, the prices have shot up between 50 per cent to 60 per cent higher. According to a trader, manufacturers themselves have hiked the prices. He disclosed that as a result, he has purchased only 50 per cent of the quantity he usually buys. Consumers have also reduced the quantity of crackers they buy.

Meanwhile, prices of traditional crackers like Tapakaya, made with toddy palm leaves and cracker material, and Tara Juvva (skyrocket) have also soared. Sisindri is being sold by only a few traders.

Kakinada officials have given permission to around 250 traders to sell crackers in the district.

Despite the hike in prices, sales have been brisk. Some traders closed their sales by Saturday afternoon itself, as they had run out of stock.

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