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5-year-old kid from Vijayawada creates record in archery

Published Sep 11, 2017, 6:34 am IST
Updated Sep 11, 2017, 6:34 am IST
Cherukuri Dolly Shivani
 Cherukuri Dolly Shivani

Vijayawada: Cherukuri Dolly Shivani, a five-year-old archer from the city, created two records on Sunday to enter Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records with her performance.

Dolly Shivani created the first record by punching 103 arrows in a distance of 10 metres in just 11 minutes and 19 seconds with a compounding bow and Indian arrows. Later she attempted her second feat by releasing 36 arrows from a distance of 20 metres in a record time of 5 minutes eight seconds and scored 290 points out of 360.

“Performance of Shivani was outstanding and an archer in her teenage cannot do the feet done by Shivani. It was difficult to score 250 in 20 metres event and she easily achieved it. It was a big challenge for her in this age and we appreciate the efforts of Volga Archery Academy for their training,” says  B. Shravan Kumar, an official from Archery Association of India.

Officials of Asia Book of Records handed over the records certificates to Cherukuri Satyanarayana father of the archer.



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