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Anti-China campaign hits sales in Vijayawada

Published Jul 11, 2017, 7:07 am IST
Updated Jul 11, 2017, 7:08 am IST
Sale of decorative crockery has come down by nearly 40 pc, says a trader.
Very few customers seen at a shop selling China-made toys in Vijayawada. (Photo: DC)
 Very few customers seen at a shop selling China-made toys in Vijayawada. (Photo: DC)

Vijayawada: Messages condemning the use of Chinese products have been circulating on social media, and this had a major impact on the sale of China-made toys and appliances in local markets across the city. 

A war-like situation with China at the Sikkim border and unethical statements made by the Chinese government have given rise to a voluntary agitation across the nation. Social media is being used to circulate messages encouraging the boycott of Chinese products.


Cheap Chinese products have flooded the Indian markets for years. From stationery to automobiles, Chinese products have competed with Indian goods and destroyed the livelihoods of many small and marginal manufacturers. 

People have been comfortable using products bearing a ‘Made in China’ tag, despite knowing that they are of a inferior quality, because of their low prices. 

However, the situation seems to have changed all of a sudden. 

Viral messages have been circulating on WhatsApp along with videos of Chinese soldiers entering India, inciting people to ‘Say no to Made in China’.  

Dara Karuna Sree, a social activist who runs an NGO, says “India was a huge market for Chinese products. Crores of rupees were flowing to China every year through the sale of their products. We should teach them a lesson.” 

Traders in the old city and other wholesale markets that sell Chinese products were disappointed by sales in last few months.

Koppuravuri Janar-dhana Rao, a wholesale trader from Main Bazaar, says, “The social boycott of China-made products had a severe impact on us. The sale of decorative crockery from China has come down by around 40 per cent. We are replacing our stocks with Indian products.”

Muthavarapu Murali Krishna, President of the Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation (APCCIF), is not in favour of the social boycott.  “Imports and exports are key factors of trade in every country. Many of our products are imported to China in the same way that we import their products. War is a temporary thing; building negative sentiments and damaging trades is not good for markets,” he said.