Surya Teja said marriage with Jhansi did not work: Punjagutta police

Surya Teja alias Nani, a native of Vijayawada went absconding after Jhansi's death.

Hyderabad: WhatsApp conversations and a diary of actress S. Naga Jhansi has helped the cops find crucial facts that led to the death of the young woman.

The Punjagutta police who apprehended Surya Teja, the boyfriend of the actress, are questioning him about the incidents between the couple that led to her suicide and get to know how far the allegations made by the actresses’ family is true.

Surya Teja alias Nani, a native of Vijayawada went absconding after Jhansi’s death. It was only on Sunday that the police could catch him.

Naga Jhansi, a television actress from Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh hanged herself in her flat at Srinagar Colony on Tuesday night. Though she did not leave any note mentioning the reason for suicide, her brother Durga Prasad and mother Annapurna have alleged that Surya Teja was responsible for her death.

The police recorded the statements of the mother and brother at Punjagutta police station on Saturday.

The police also reportedly recovered a diary from Jhansi’s room, which is also playing a crucial role in giving cops clues to find the reason behind her death.

Sources close to Punjagutta police said, “Surya told police that he knew Jhansi for quite some time and they wanted to get married. He also visited her house a few times and promised her family members that he would marry her. However, things did not work out between them. Cops are said to be questioning Teja based on their WhatsApp conversations. Disputes between the couple erupted two months back after Jhansi was forced to give up acting.”

Punjagutta inspector B. Mohan Kumar said, “Surya Teja has not placed under arrest. The investigation is underway to find the facts, of what exactly happened between him and Jhansi.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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