Rahul Strongly Backs Caste Census, Calls It an \'X-ray\' for India\'s Demographics

New Delhi: The Congress has once again reiterated its stand on the caste census. Asserting “100 per cent” support for the caste census, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi likened the exercise to an “X-ray” and said it will give a clear picture of the dalits, tribals, OBCs and upper castes population, which in turn will help in deciding the future course of action.

Gandhi made the remarks on September 23 during his interaction with the students of Maharani College in Jaipur, a video of which was released on his social media platforms on Tuesday.

Replying to a question on caste census, Gandhi said, “The fact is that the ‘lower caste communities’, the OBCs, dalits and tribals are not involved in the power structure. And no one knows how many OBCs are there, how many dalits, tribals and upper castes are there.”

He added, “When you get hurt, the first thing that you get done is an X-ray. Through an X-ray, we get to know if a bone is broken or not...where and how it is broken. So the caste census is an X-ray, which will tell us how many people are there, belonging to which community. What are they doing? What is their role in the power structure?”

In a resolution on Monday, the Congress Working Committee said that the party-ruled states will have a caste census. Also, when the party comes to power in a state or Centre it will order a caste-based census.

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