Puducherry Woman Minister Resigns Alleging Conspiracy, Money Power, and Bias

Puducherry: Puducherry’s lone woman legislator and minister S. Chandira Priyanga on Tuesday tendered her resignation from the AINRC-BJP coalition cabinet, alleging politics of conspiracy and money power, besides facing casteism and gender bias.

Chief Minister N. Rangasamy declined to comment on Priyanga’s decision to resign. When a team of reporters approached him in his chamber on Tuesday, the Chief Minister said, “I have not invited you.”

She said in her letter, which was distributed to the media, that although she entered the Assembly due to her popularity among the people in her constituency, she realised it is not so easy to overcome “politics of conspiracy and I could not fight against the big ghost of money power”.

She realised she “was subjected to casteism and gender bias.”

“I was also targeted continuously and found that I could not bear the politics of conspiracy and the big ghost of money power any longer beyond certain limits”.

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