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'I was Covid-19 positive. I came through quarantine fine. I was looked after well.'

Published Apr 10, 2020, 9:51 am IST
Updated Apr 10, 2020, 9:51 am IST
First-person account by corona positive patient from Kodagu after discharge from hospital
A man passes through the disinfectant tunnel set up in Yeshwanthpura suburb of Bengaluru. (DC Photo: Satish Basavaraju)
 A man passes through the disinfectant tunnel set up in Yeshwanthpura suburb of Bengaluru. (DC Photo: Satish Basavaraju)

Mysuru: “Testing positive for Covid-19 is not the end of the world. It can be treated and you will recover,” said a 35-year-old man who was the first person in Kodagu to test positive for the virus. He was the 15th poisitive case in Karnataka, and so was given the identity P 15.

“Those who test positive for Covid-19 should face it courageously. They need not lose hope or be fearful or anxious, though there is a slight risk for those suffering from co-morbid conditions.”


The 35-year-old man tested positive for Covid-19 on March 19, and was discharged Tuesday evening after his latest reports came negative for the virus.

P 15 shared his experience in a phone interview with Deccan Chronicle. Here are excerpts from the conversation in his own words:

“When I tested positive for Covid 19, I was shocked even though I knew it could be treated. And I slowly came out of the shock as the entire Kodagu district administration including the police and doctors and nurses boosted my confidence and assured me that I can be treated. Kodagu DC (deputy commissioner) Anees Kanmani Joy regularly spoke to me on the phone and extended all support, instilled courage and counseled that I will recover.


“The hospital was well maintained, and the doctors and nurses treated me well. I was given good food, and I was allowed to use my phone and I could be in touch with my family. I am thankful to all of them. And I feel good that I finally tested negative for the virus. So one need not feel worried if he/she is tested positive for Covid 19.

“I came to India from Dubai, where I have a shop in Deira. When I was there, no one from Deira had tested positive for Covid-19. I must have got infected from one of my customers. I had fever for 15 days before I left Dubai. But I was completely healthy when I left Dubai. But on my arrival at Bengaluru International Airport 15 March, I had an itching feeling in my throat. So I insisted on being screened at the airport.


“They said I was fine but asked me to visit the nearest government hospital in case of any health issue cropped up further.

“When I reached home on March 16, a nurse visited my home and asked me to report at the government hospital in Kodagu, as all international passengers were supposed to do so. But I had no health issues.

“I went to the Kodagu district hospital in Madikeri to report on March 17. But when I went to report, I told them I had had fever 15 days before I left Dubai. So they asked me to get admitted to the isolation ward in the hospital, and took a throat swab and sent it for testing the same day.


“My report came positive on 19 March. But I had no fever or any health issues. I was completely fine. I have my mother, wife and three children at home, but with the grace of God none of them and none of my contacts have been infected.

“I came from Dubai to attend my niece’s wedding in Kodagu on March 28. I never thought I would have to spend 22 anxious days in the isolation ward in the Kodagu district hospital.

“I have two brothers and two sisters. One brother and one sister also live in Dubai. They had come a little earlier than me for the wedding, but they are completely fine. My niece’s wedding has been postponed now. I plan to go back to Dubai, after the wedding of my niece, once the lockdown is lifted.


“I have been asked to remain in home quarantine for 14 more days. In case I have any symptoms, I was asked to report to the hospital. All my 52 primary contacts have tested negative.

“Plus, the Kodagu district administration has identified a total of 498 secondary contacts. They identified 775 houses in a 5 km radius around my home, which was declared a containment zone, and another seven km area radius around his home as a buffer zone.

“Besides my flight from Dubai, BMTC Vayuvajra and KSRTC Rajahamsa buses, two autos in which I travelled in Bengaluru, I also visited a hotel there. I travelled in an auto and visited a shop, two dargahs, four houses of relatives. I met a friend in Kodagu before I was admitted to hospital March 17.


Location: India, Karnataka, Coorg