Heavy rains bring mixed bag to Prakasam district, inundating roads but aiding farmers

Tirupati: Torrential rains have lashed parts over the past two days, causing disruptions to traffic and infrastructure while simultaneously providing much-needed relief to farmers preparing their fields for winter crops. Several roads, particularly low-lying areas, have been flooded due to the heavy downpours, making travel hazardous as large potholes lie hidden beneath the water.

Ongole recorded the highest rainfall on Wednesday, with a staggering 46.5 mm. Other towns across the district received even more precipitation, with Tripurantakam recording 43.5 mm, Yerragondapalem 79 mm, Tangutur 58.5 mm, Markapur 41 mm, Pakala 36.7 mm, Pulalacheruvu 36 mm, Jarugumalli 33.5 mm, and Kanigiri 33 mm, according to official data.

While the intense rains have caused traffic congestion and damaged roads, farmers have welcomed the showers as they prepare their fields to plant tobacco, Bengal gram, and other winter crops. Farmers who had planted crops a month ago were disappointed by the stunted growth, forcing them to replant or fill gaps in their fields.

In one incident caused by the heavy rains, a 53-year-old man named G. Hanumantha Rao found himself trapped while attempting to cross the flooded Hanumapuram rivulet near Nidamanur Growth Centre.

As Rao drove through the swollen waters, his car became stuck, forcing him to grab onto a tree branch as his vehicle was gradually inundated. Upon being notified, a police team swiftly responded to the scene and successfully rescued Rao from the rising waters.

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