Congress deputy leader in Karnataka Assembly demands probe into hijab row

U.T. Khader lashed out at the Karnataka government for \'sowing seeds of hatred\'

Mangaluru: Deputy Leader of the Congress in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly U.T. Khader has demanded an inquiry into the hijab row. He urged the state governemnt to conduct a probe to identify those who initiated, instigated, and invigorated the hijab controversy.

He lashed out at the state government for 'sowing seeds of hatred'.

"The state government which failed to tackle the COVID pandemic has lost control over the law and order situation. It has failed in tackling the communal virus. The agenda of BJP and the RSS is to create polarisation for their electoral gains by sowing seeds of hatred between communities," he alleged.

“This time, they targeted students. College campus is meant for education and growth. Students are being used by right wing organisations with the tacit approval of the government to resort to violent acts of destruction and hooliganism,” he said.

Khader’s statement comes when the hijab issue has turned violent in some parts of Karnataka.

“The government should immediately arrest those seen causing disturbance and restore peace on campuses,” the Congress deputy leader added.

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