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HD Kumaraswamy drops BS Yeddyurappa audio bomb

Published Feb 9, 2019, 2:12 am IST
Updated Feb 9, 2019, 2:12 am IST
Mr Kumaraswamy accused Mr Yeddyurappa of stooping to a new low in order to grab power by toppling the coalition government.
BJP legislators led by state unit chief B.S. Yeddyurappa protest in Bengaluru on Friday.  (DC)
 BJP legislators led by state unit chief B.S. Yeddyurappa protest in Bengaluru on Friday. (DC)

Bengaluru: Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on Friday dropped a political bomb in the form of an audio tape in which state BJP President B.S. Yeddyurappa is reportedly heard trying to convince the son of a JD(S) MLA to make his father to resign in return for a huge sum as well as a minister’s post.

This audio conversation was released to the media by the Chief Minister just three hours before presenting his budget for the year 2019-20. Mr Kumaraswamy accused Mr Yeddyurappa of stooping to  a new low in order to grab power by toppling the coalition government.


The audio will be handed over to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for a proper investigation and a copy would be also sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who claims  to be the proponent of clean politics, said Mr Kumaraswamy. More shocking, according to the Chief Minister, are the alleged remarks of the BJP state president  on ‘influencing’ Karnataka Legislative Assem bly Speaker K.R. Ramesh Kumar and also ‘the managing’ of judges by the BJP top brass.  If this audio is genuine. It would be a major embarrassment for Mr Yeddyu rappa as he is aspiring to become Chief Minister again.

Here are excerpts of the purported conversation between Yeddyurappa, Deodurga BJP MLA Shivanagouda Nayak and Sharangouda Kandakur, son of Nagangouda Kandakur, JD(S) MLA from Gurmitkal assembly constituency

BSY: What are you doing?

Nayak: Sir, this is Sharangouda who does business. But he  manages the entire constituency in the absence of his father.

BSY: How is your father's health? How old is he?

Sharan: He is seventy plus and doing well. Sir I heard that you came here to visit a temple and you wanted me to meet you. I heard that you will manage the entire situation in the coming days.

Shivanagouda:  You leave everything to sir and he will take care. Once sir make a promise he will keep it come what may.

Sharan: What difference will it  make if I come alone?

BSY: Already we have ten MLAs on our side. Dr Sudhakar is in Mumbai and will be returning to Bengaluru on Friday morning. You also go to Mumbai and be there for three days.

Shivanagouda:  Our sir is very good and has not done injustice to anyone. You don't bother about anything.

BSY: We will take care of your election expenses. You just go to Mumbai tomorrow evening. As of now,  we have ten MLAs on our side and it will become eleven once you come with us.

Shivanagouda: you know well that Siddaramaiah is a casteist, don't you feel our community  leader (Lingayat) should become the CM.

Sharan: Sir, my only worry is that our condition should not become like that of

Shivanagouda. This is my only worry.

Shivanagouda: My case is totally different from yours. Sir is taking full responsibility. He readily signed when I had taken a proposal for the appointment of political secretaries. You don't worry, we will carry out the constituency improvement on your behalf. We will not only make you win but also a minister as you have a bright political future. Sir,  I want you to treat Sharan just like your two sons-Raghavendra and Vijayendra.

BSY: You tell and convince your father to resign.

Sharan: Sir, I heard a meeting of JD(S) has been convened at 9:30 am tomorrow and my father has already left.

BSY: Let him attend. You  come with us.

Sharan: But sir..this is the strong fortress of the Congress party. I need your blessings fully sir.

Shivanagouda: It's a punya that you will become a minister at a young age.

BSY: I will make all those 12 MLAs who are coming with us ministers. I will give you Rs 25 crore and you go to Mumbai tomorrow.

Shivanagouda: If you have faith in Sahebaru, he will do everything for you. You take the money and go to Mumbai.

BSY: Don't tell anything to your father now. Later, you can convince him. You will contest the next election from your father's constituency.

Sharan: Sir I heard that notices and whip are being issued to all MLAs....

BSY: You don't bother about notices and the whip which don't have any value. Ok, you can ask you father once before finalising things. We will fix Karnataka Legislative Assembly Speaker Ramesh Kumar for Rs 50 crore. If a problem arises, our PM Modi and Mr Amit Shah will manage judges also. Even if the Speaker does something, we will manage the judges.

Sharan: Sir, we belong to a middle class family and our ancestors have earned a good name in the district. Who else from JD(S) is coming to BJP?

BSY: K R Pet Janata Dal (Secular) MLA Narayanagowda is with us. He has sent a video on WhatsApp to his party leaders that he is down with food poisoning. The JD(S) MLA will not be there and the coalition government is going to fall.

Shivanagouda:  You will not only create a record of becoming a minister at 30 years but you will also be given money. There is no political future in JD(S) but you have a future in BJP.

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru