Osmansagar fence bares Telangana government's violation

Despite NGT stay, work continues on lake.

Hyderabad: A fresh investigation by the petitioner Mr. Thakur Rajkumar Singh and his team, has revealed that the fencing of Osmansagar reservoir being carried out by the Cyberabad police commissionerate as part of the ‘Save Gandipet project’ excludes the buffer zone and part of the full tank level (FTL) of the reservoir. This fact has been included in the petition submitted to the National Green Tribunal (NGT) which is hearing a case of dilution of GO 111 which is meant to protect the lake.

By excluding the maximum spread level of the reservoir, it seems like the government is in fact trying to dilute its own order. The idea of the fencing was to protect Gandipet lake from encroachers. The Commissionerate was directed to build the fence along the FTL of the lake without disturbing the water. Recreational spaces are also being planned for walking, jogging and cyc-ling tracks and the area is to be landscaped to create a lively, healthy environment all around the lake.

However, all this will stop the natural water flow into the lake. The buffer zone is where most of the marshy/wet ecosystem exists, which is important for the life of any water body. While the Cyberabad Commissioner is a party in the case before the National Green Tribunal, to date no counter has been filed by him to the petition filed by environmentalist Thakur Rajkumar Singh.

“For any lake, on one side there is a bund and all the other three sides are open with a gradual slope. By this fencing and track-laying, the lake will be killed like Hussain Sagar was. In the name of ‘Save Gandipet’ project by the Cyberabad police - for which the government has sanctioned Rs 25 crore - fencing is being done inside the lake bed, excluding even the buffer zone. There is a complete stay ordered by the NGT on all construction in the GO 111 notified area. In spite of such clear orders, fencing work is going on,” said the petitioner Mr Singh.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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