Bengaluru: Citizens demand ban on tourist vehicles at Nandi Hills

Traffic jam at scenic spots on weekends; Plans to introduce electric buses, special buses still in the pipeline

Bengaluru: Many visitors to Nandi Hills use their own vehicles to get to the peak through a narrow, winding and hilly road. They often park their vehicles at “scenic” spots to take pictures and litter the forest with empty alcohol bottles and food packages.

The forest is left strewn with trash on either side of the road and it is completely jammed with traffic on weekends. Now a few concern citizens have started a petition from January 31, demanding that the government ban traffic movement at the hills.

Last year, there were plans by the Karnataka Tourism Department, at the behest of the Karnataka Tourism Vision Group, to introduce electric buses from the parking point to the area where cable cars are situated.

That’s’ not all- a source from the Tourism Department, has said that there are also plans to introduce special buses that will ply from the Airport to Nandi Hills, but nothing seems to have been done in this regard, while motorized traffic continues to ply unabated on the hill.

On a week day, the Nandi Hills has over 3000 visitors. While on weekends and public holidays it receives over 7000 visitors.

Jagadish, from the Horticulture Department says, “A majority of visitors stay till around 10.45 am and then leave, while about 40% of visitors stay till afternoon.

They visit the temple in addition to around five or six vantage points from where they can see the village of M Vishveshwarya, also known as Mudenahalli, the International Airport and other villages with a lot of vegetation.

There are also around six to seven hills like the Skandagiri, which can be seen from the Nandi Hills that are a beautiful sight.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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