Vizag garbage heaps turning into black smoke, sanitation workers' stir continues

Residents resort to desperate measures as sanitation workers' statewide strike leads to overflowing dustbins, prompting private garbage disposal efforts and contributing to widespread smoke pollution.

Visakhapatnam: Black smoke is seen everywhere in Visakhapatnam. The denizens are majorly suffering due to the smoke pollution caused by the sanitation workers’ prolonged statewide strike.

Dustbins in the apartments and housing societies are full and stinking. Apartment management committees started raising funds from flats and sending accumulated garbage out of the apartments by hiring private individuals. Alternatively, many housemakers set the garbage on fire at night on the roadside.

“In our apartment, there are 22 flats. We have two big dustbins. They are full and stinking. One corner of our apartment is piled with garbage. We raised funds and hired a few individuals. They moved all our garbage away,” says Niharika Avenue resident Mani.

Private individuals who have collected garbage from apartments or housing societies are setting this garbage on fire. As a result, garbage is burning everywhere, spreading black smoke all over the city. Old people and children are facing respiratory issues as a result of the black smoke.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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