Jayalalithaa did not want to go abroad for treatment, says Dr Richard Beale

Dr Richard Beale who had attended on Jayalalithaa at the Apollo Hospital.

Chennai: Here’s the transcript of the bombshell video of the interview done by an unidentified person with the British specialist

Dr Richard Beale who had attended on Jayalalithaa at the Apollo Hospital. The video dated February 6, 2017, was presumably done at Chennai soon after the English doctor’s press conference in the city. And this interview, which has gone viral since being aired on Times Now on Monday, seems to demolish the allegations that vested interests had prevented the shifting of Jayalalithaa abroad for better treatment; for, Dr Beale insists that ‘madam’ had herself decided she would not go anywhere and was content with the Apollo treatment.

Unidentified Person: Today everything was fine. I saw the press meet. You handled it very well. Controlled.

Dr Richard Beale: It was difficult. We are trying to stay away from the politics as much as possible, I mean, you know, you do your best.
UP: But, one question you answered well…that CM told she is not willing to come…Dr RB: Yes.

UP: See, the last time the Chief Minister Mr Karunanidhi needed an operation, he never agreed. But his family members made him agree to the operation. But Sasikala, what did she say about taking her to London?
Dr RB: To be honest, she just asked me whether it was necessary and I think, if we had said she must go, they would have said yes. I think. It was exactly what I said at the meeting. At the beginning, it was a difficult balance. Later, madam herself didn’t want to go.

UP: She is deciding, Sasikala. But Sasikala should have made her (Jayalalithaa) understand that she should come.
Dr RB: But then, you know, you look back yourself at these things and you always wonder you should have done things slightly differently, but in truth….(gets interrupted)

UP: One more question. Why after November 2, Apollo didn’t call you?
Dr RB: That I don’t know. I was in touch with Babu (Dr Babu Abraham). But exactly why I didn’t come, was not able to come, or what they felt. She was certainly improving; so I think they felt she was making progress and it was not necessary.

UP: But they asked you to come for the press meet. They should have called you when she was ill?
Dr RB: Who knows? I cannot answer. I do not know. But what you can do is your best, anyway.

UP: But you handled the Press very well.
Dr RB: Thank you.

UP: Very difficult to handle the Indian Press.
Dr RB: (laughs) Yes, very difficult.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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