Andhra Pradesh: Kaaki Dega breed in demand for cockfights

It is believed that planetary influences work on the fighter roosters as well, apart from humans.

Visakhapatnam: There are many breeds of fighting roosters using for the Sankranti cockfights, but the highest demand is for Kaaki Dega, Dega, Kaaki Nemali breeds. The names indicate their fighting skills.

These breeds jump well and attack their opponents strategically and never back off, said Mr G. Ganesh Kumar, who sells fighter roosters in North Andhra.

It is believed that Kaaki Dega and Dega roosters are more ferocious during the morning while others would fight better in the evenings. Cocks are named according to the colours of their feathers.

There are over 20 varieties of fighter roosters including Kaaki, Setu, Nallamachala Setu, Parla, Savala, Nalla Savala, Kokkirayi, Kowju, Myla, Poola, Telupu Gowdu, Yerupu Gowdu, Pingali, Nallabora and Yerrapoda.

It is believed that planetary influences work on the fighter roosters as well, apart from humans. These are said to impact the blood circulation in roosters, and determine when they fight best.

“I place bets on Kaaki Dega, Dega, Kaaki Nemali roosters. I have earned lakhs of rupees in five years,” claimed R. Prakash, a punter in Vizag region.

Rearing of 'fighter' roosters involves huge costs. Mr B. Sateesh, who rears fighter birds for sale in East Godavari district, said the birds are offered a nutritious and balanced diet of millets, cereals, dry fruits, mutton kheema.

The birds are also trained daily to jump and swim to make them stronger. “Though I have several breeds in my farm, I get better profit selling Kaaki Dega, Dega, Kaaki Nemali breeds as the demand for them is very high,” Mr Sateesh said.

Fighter rooster not endangered species
Cockfighting is prohibited under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and the AP Gaming Act, 1974. Bird lovers oppose cockfight events as thousands of roosters die in the bloody sport.

There are several doubts over whether cockfights come under the Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 or nor, as the police has been registering cases against organisers and punters under the AP Gaming Act.

The Hyderabad High Court admitted yet another petition alleging that gambling on cockfights was going on on a large scale. The court has sought a report from the district administrations and the police.

Fighter roosters are not an endangered species and they are supposed to be killed for meat. When two roosters come face to face, they fight with each other, an organiser said.

Vizag Assistant Commissioner of Police (Task Force) I. Chittibabu said police was booking organisers under various sections.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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